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Announcing the Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council #AlamoDriveHappy

Announcing the Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council #AlamoDriveHappy

Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council

This post is sponsored by Alamo Rent A Car, and I am so excited to announce my new partnership with Alamo as one of five moms on the Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council. As someone who loves a family road trip and is passionate about travel, I am truly honored to be a part of Alamo’s mission to inspire family travel.

Whether it’s a two hour drive into the city for a weekend or a trek across the globe, family travel will help you to create deep, lasting bonds. Traveling as a family can inspire, teach valuable lessons, and give you unforgettable memories through new experiences.

Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council

Humbled is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the amazing moms and bloggers who make up the Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council. I am humbled to be part of a council that includes Liz Mays from A Nut In A Nutshell, Crissy Page from the blogs Dear Crissy, Jennifer Quillen from The Rebel Chick, Stacie Connerty from The Divine Miss Mommy.

What can you expect?
Throughout the spring and summer we’ll be striking up conversations and sharing with you our thoughts and ideas on topics ranging from preparing a fun journey for your family, personalizing your vacation, capturing the moment, and how to have the best summer ever.

In addition to the new Alamo Chief Travel Moms Council, Alamo Rent A Car has recently partnered with a family travel expert, Eileen Ogintz to develop the awesome Alamo Kids Travel Tips infographic that you see below.

Alamo Kids Travel Tips

Savvy parents are increasingly including their kids in family vacation planning. In fact, 63 percent of parents said their children influenced their choice of vacation destination, according to the 2014 Portrait of the American Travelers survey. With this in mind, Alamo Rent A Car partnered with Eileen Ogintz, nationally syndicated family travel columnist and creator of, to create an original infographic from the kids’ point of view.

The Alamo infographic features key stats and 10 original ideas from kids to help parents everywhere increase the fun while planning, packing, participating in activities and making memories for their family vacations. No matter where you take the kids or how much you spend on your family vacation, what’s important is enjoying your time together and making memories for a lifetime!

I love the idea of letting kids be a part of vacation planning. Some of my sweetest memories have been made during mother and son road trips, and vacations that my son helped to plan. Although, many of my son’s choices have resulted in me spending a day on a roller coaster screaming my head off. The more I scream, the more he seems to laugh. But you know, I wouldn’t trade those terrifying moments for anything in this world.

I hope your next family trip is better than ever!

Are you making any family travel plans for spring or summer?

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