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Being Frugal and Green by Using GE Energy Efficient Lighting #GELighting #CBias

Being Frugal and Green by Using GE Energy Efficient Lighting #GELighting #CBias

I am a pretty frugal person, but have really been a slacker when it comes to making energy efficient home improvements. Saving energy means saving money, so I was eager to take the challenge and swap out some of the existing light bulbs in our home for GE Energy Efficient Light Bulbs. It was time to make a trip to the ‘Do It Yourself’ department at our local Walmart, although I must admit Do It Yourself is not a department that I normally spend a lot of time in. I’m more of a ‘Do It For Me Please’ kind of gal.

Before you read on…more pictures from this shop can be found in our GE Lighting Google+ Album.

I didn’t know much about energy efficient lighting, so in preparation for this shopping trip I did a little research on GE Energy Smart Bright from the Start CFL Bulbs and here are some of the highlights from what I learned.

  • Achieve full brightness, using less energy.
  • Uses hybrid halogen technology.
  • Last 8 times longer than standard bulbs.
  • Uses 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

We now have many great options available when it comes to light bulbs. It’s time to start making more frugal and green lighting choices for my home!

You might be asking yourself, why does this matter? It’s pretty simple really. Using less energy not only helps preserve our environment, but also saves us money. I’m looking forward to seeing the savings in my monthly electric bill! Making the switch doesn’t require a big investment. One thing I noticed while shopping for light bulbs is that energy efficient bulbs have come way down in price.

The multi-pack boxes are a tremendous value!

To make it even easier on your wallet, GE has a fantastic $2 off savings coupon available for a limited time. I even had a $1 coupon from my April issue of ‘All You’ magazine, so I am feeling pretty frugal right now!

A cart full of savings!

Do you want to see how saving energy translates into saving dollars? Check out this Energy Savings Calculator on the GE web site. By swapping out all of the indoor and outdoor bulbs in my home, I can expect to save $142.64 annually. I thing that’s pretty great!

I was really surprised by just how many energy efficient lighting options are available at my local Walmart store. The GE Lighting section is pretty large and reasonably priced. I can’t believe I’ve been buying the energy sucking incandescent bulbs all of this time, when it’s so affordable to be energy efficient.

It only took a short time to change out our bulbs, adding on a few extra minutes for the ceiling fans that needed to cleaned while I was up there. The energy efficient bulbs are just as bright as the ones I replaced. Now that it’s done, I am looking forward to seeing the savings on my electric bill.

This lamp in my office is on all the time and really needed to become energy efficient!

Have you made the switch yet to energy efficient lighting yet? Be sure to take advantage of this valuable coupon!

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