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Easter Bunny Bag

Easter Bunny Bag

Easter Bunny Bag- Bunny Craft

Easter is just a few days away. I remember when my son were little, the Easter Bunny was always one of their favorites. Who wouldn’t love a magically bunny that brought you colored eggs and candy. He has always been the bringer of Spring in my house, too. Since Easter comes as the weather gets nice, it has always just kind of went hand in hand. I guess it goes without saying then, bunny crafts are a favorite.  I love crafting with kids and I have always been a fan of finding crafts that we could do together. I don’t know a kid that doesn’t love playing with puppets, so this cute little bunny craft is a great bunny puppet for the kids to play with.

Easy Bunny Craft: Easter Bunny Bag

Paper lunch sack
6 q-tips
White paper
2 googly eyes
Pink Pom-pom ball
Thin pink ribbon
Pink paint
Black sharpie
Hot glue/hot glue gun

Easter Bunny craft- Bunny Bag supplies

1. Fold your white paper in half and cut out 2 tall bunny ears
2. Using the leftover scrap white paper, cut out 2 small circles for the cheeks
3. Hot glue your bunny ears on the top back of your paper sack (make sure the bottom of the bag is the front top)
4. Now glue 2 eyes onto the rectangle top
5. Glue your pink Pom-pom on for the nose

Easter Bunny crat, Bunny bag, making the bunny
6. Tie your pink ribbon into a small bow and hot glue to the top left corner

Easter bunny bag- bunny craft- painting the ears
7. Now you can paint the center of your ears pink
8. To finish your bunny puppet draw on a mouth with your black sharpie
9. Now let dry for an hour or so and have fun!

Easter bunny craft- bunny bagKids will love playing with the bunny puppet. When they aren’t using the puppet, the bag also works great as a way to carry treats. That is, if the kids stop bouncing their bunny puppet through the house.

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