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Easter Chick Gift Bag Pinata

Easter Chick Gift Bag Pinata

Easter Chic Gift Bag Pinata

Easter Chic Gift Bag Pinata

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive Easter activity for the kids? We made this Easter Chic Gift Bag Pinata with items picked up from the dollar store and supplies from our craft closet, so you can easily keep the total cost of this project under $2. The only other expense would be for the goodies to put inside of the pinata.

Yes we know that Easter is still a little over a month away. But we have a lot of fun Easter projects planned for our family and the blog, so we figured we had better start sharing them.

Easter Chic Gift Bag Pinata

What You’ll Need
We picked up a green and white polka dot gift bag from the Dollar Tree and used construction paper, craft glue, scissors, and curling ribbon to create and embellish the Easter chic.

We duplicated the chic on both sides of the bag, since the pinata will be hanging and twirling around. But you could just as well decorate only one side of the bag.

From a piece of yellow construction paper cut 2 large half circles, for the head of the chic. Cut to the size of the bag you are using.

For the head feathers, cut strips of yellow construction paper that are pointed at one end. Glue onto the inside of the head.

From orange construction paper, cut a diamond shape for the beak and glue into place.

Glue on 2 small black pom poms or scraps of black construction paper for the eyes.

Easter Chic Gift Bag Pinata

To make the flowers, we traced around a small flower shaped cookie cutter. Each flower has several layers, cutting between the petals to give them some dimension. Along the bottom of the chic, we used yellow pom poms for the center of the flowers.

To hang the pinata, use a hole punch and tie on several long pieces of curling ribbon. Be sure to use 2 or 3 pieces of ribbon for each corner of the bag, so it will hold up.

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