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Easter Chick Wall Hanging Craft

Easter Chick Wall Hanging Craft

Easter Chick Craft Wall Hanging

I love to decorate for the holidays, all of the holidays. I love when I can do crafts that double as decorations. Even better, if I can find crafts that are easy to do. It is like instant gratification. Since so often I am short on time, finding things that are quick, easy and serve more than one purpose, are things that seem to get my attention most often. With Easter right around the corner, this Easter chick craft is quick and easy, and a cute room decoration.

This Easter Chick craft is something that takes less than 10 minutes to make and will look so cute hanging on the wall. It is an easy Easter craft for kids and just as much fun to make by myself. Plus, if you make crafts often, you will most likely have all of the supplies right on hand. I like when I do not have to buy much to complete a project.

Easter Chick Craft Wall Hanging Decoration

Supplies needed:

Embroidery loop
Yellow, orange craft felt
Pair of Large googly eyes
Craft glue
Optional ribbon for hanging

Easter Chick craft Wall Hanging Craft- supplies


1. Begin by placing the yellow background felt in the embroidery loop. Press the loop to fit and trim off any extra felt around the corners so the edges are nice and clean.

Easter Chick craft Wall Hanging Craft- step 1

2. Add some glue to the back of your googly eyes and press them to the upper half of the yellow felt. The face of your chick will start to take place.

3. Snip out two small triangles from the orange felt. They don’t have to be identical. These will serve as the beak. Add a dab of glue to each and press into place at the lower half of the felt.

4. Add optional ribbon for hanging on the top hardware of the loop.

Easter Chick craft Wall Hanging Craft- final craft

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