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Fall Decoupage Craft Project

Fall Decoupage Craft Project

Decoupage is an easy way to transform something old or unsightly into a beautiful work of art. You might be surprised by what you already have that can be used for a decoupage project. I found a cheap plastic frame in the dollar bin at my local discount store. I also used some pretty fall leaf paper napkins, that I had purchased last year on clearance. They were stashed away for a project just like this. Decoupage is fun and easy… a great project for the kiddos!

Decoupage How To at About A Mom - Using Pretty Fall Paper Napkins

If you are doing decoupage on a picture frame, be sure it’s one that has a large flat surface.

What You’ll Need
Fall paper napkins
Picture frame
Elmer’s school glue
small sponge or brush

Decoupage How To

In a small bowl mix 3/4 glue and 1/4 cup water. You probably won’t use all of this on one project, but you’re good to go as long as you mix 3 parts glue with 1 part water.

Cut or tear the printed side of the napkin into small squares. I ended up using 3 napkins for this project.

Brush glue mixture over the surface you wish to cover. Place small squares of the napkin onto the wet surface, overlapping slightly, and smoothing with your fingers. Once the surface is completely covered, lightly brush on additional glue mixture. Set aside to dry completely, preferably overnight.

Decoupage How To at About A Mom

Cut out several pieces from the design of your napkin, to feature on your frame. My napkins had fall leaves, so I cut out a few colorful leaves. Brush more of the glue and water mixture on the surface where you will be placing the cot-outs. Place the cut out pieces onto the wet surface and gently brush over them with more glue, smoothing with your fingers if necessary.

Allow to dry completely.

Fall Decoupage How To at About A Mom - Using Pretty Paper Napkins

I put a pretty fall greeting card in my frame, but you could use your favorite picture.

What are some of your favorite fall craft projects?

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