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Game Day Party Ideas

Game Day Party Ideas

Game Day Snacks from CVS

There are a few good things that come with the cold weather of winter, and one of them is football season. It’s been football madness around here with two weekends in a row of playoff games. Last weekend we had a football party at the house to watch the Broncos and Patriots. As someone who likes to sit down and enjoy the game, it was nice to get a little help from CVS to feed the hungry masses. I am excited to share some of my game day party ideas with you.

First, a big thanks to CVS for sponsoring our party!

Game Day Party Ideas with CVS

I set up a CVS Snack Zone table which was full of delicious Gold Emblem snacks, and my son took care of the grill. This was by far one of the easiest parties I have ever put together, and everything turned out great. The variety of snacks from CVS went over a big with my friends and family. We had everything from nuts and trail mix, to pretzel bites, and more.

Look at all these great Gold Emblem goodies from CVS!

Game Day Party Ideas with CVS Gold Emblem Snacks

Here’s a quick run down of the CVS/Pharmacy items I used for my party:

Gold Emblem Deluxe Mixed Nuts
Gold Emblem Natural Pistachios
Gold Emblem Party Peanuts
Gold Emblem Ranch Flavored Pretzels
Gold Emblem Brownie Cookies
Gold Emblem Chocolate Chip Cookies
Gold Emblem Butter Popcorn
Gold Emblem Classic Blend Trail Mix
Gold Emblem 100% Natural Black Tea
Gold Emblem Select Donut Shop Blend Coffee
Gold Emblem Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice

To set up the snack zone table I used an inexpensive green tablecloth with football field markings. I used some cute football shaped platters, bowls and a few other serving dishes that I had picked up from the local discount store.

Game Day Party Ideas - Utensil Holders Made from Cans

Game Day Utensil Holders
To hold the silverware and napkins, I did a simple upcycled craft project. I washed out a few large cans and covered them with craft paper. For the one that I made to look like a football, I used brown and white construction paper. It was such a simple project that added a fun element to the table.

Let’s pretend that the Goodyear Blimp was flying over the snack zone to get this aerial shot! Really it was just my daughter teetering atop a step stool. Thank goodness she didn’t fall into our snacks.

Game Day Party Ideas Snack Zone

Don’t those Gold Emblem cookies look great? They rival any other brand I have tried!

Game Day Party Ideas - CVS Gold Emblem Brand Cookies

This fun banner was made with some jute cord, scrapbooking paper, and some football cutouts I found at the craft store.

Game Day Party Ideas Football Banner

Game Day Party Goodie Bags
I like for my guests to have a little something to take home with them. These CVS Gold Emblem goodie bags were a really big hit. It was a nice way for everyone to take a taste of our delicious party food home with them. I even had a few CVS gift cards to raffle off during the party. That was a lot of fun!

Game Day Party Goodie Bags

Game day Essentials Checklist from CVS:

1. Don’t forget to purchase ice before the party so your guests can enjoy refreshing beverages throughout the game.

2. Stock up on paper plates, bowls, cups and plastic utensils for simple clean up of all the snacks in your game day spread, Gold Emblem Party Peanuts to spicy chicken wings. Total Home by CVS/pharmacy offers paper goods at the same quality as national brands but for less!

3. Ensure you have enough seating for all of your guests – even if they are yelling at the TV for most of the game, they will appreciate a place to relax and take a timeout.

4. Provide snacks to nourish your visitors from kickoff to the last quarter. Don’t forget the snack time staples, like the Gold Emblem Buttered Flavored Popcorn and Mixed Nuts to make your game day audience your biggest fans!

Game Day Snacks from CVS

5. Set up a couple of fun activities for your guests to interact with one another and play during the commercials.

6. To complement salty snacks, offer your guests something sweet like the Gold Emblem Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookies. Don’t forget a healthy option forany “health nuts” at the party, such as the Gold Emblem Cranberry Nut Trail Mix.

7. Keep a clean-up kit on hand for any messes or spills that might occur during the heat of the game. Total Home by CVS/pharmacy offers everything from paper towels to instant stain remover pens.

Game Day Party Ideas with CVS

8. Don’t forget to record the game while you watch so you and your guests can rewind and watch your favorite plays – or your favorite game day commercials.

9. And if the game runs into overtime, be sure to offer your guests tea or coffee to help give them the energy boost they need to see the game from start to finish. The Gold Emblem 100% Natural Black Tea or Donut Shop Blend Coffe will be great for this!

Anytime football and food play into the equation there is sure to be a crowd at the house. Our game day party was a huge success thanks to some fantastic Gold Emblem snacks and great tips from CVS!

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