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Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

I was contacted recently and asked if I would review the book Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Fun Projects to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share. Duh, of course I did! Because I have a confession to make… I am obsessed with craft books, and who wouldn’t want to receive a craft book from the Queen of all things crafty, Martha Stewart herself? We’ve had a bit of fun this summer making some of the 175 fun projects found inside the pages of this book. The new book, available this past June, is a collection of charming, beautiful, creative and educational crafts projects that parents and kids (ages 3-12) will love to create together.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

So often, I see a project inside of a craft book or magazine and impulsively purchase it. Many times I end up with buyers remorse, because that one project that caught my eye is the only worthwhile project in the book. That is most certainly not the case with the book Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids. So many of the projects can be done with craft supplies you probably already have around the house, or can easily obtain. Each craft has big, colorful pictures and most have great step by step instructions. Projects include Pipe Cleaner Pals and Paper Bag Puppets (for animal lovers), Water Fireworks and Solar System Bedroom (for little scientists), Elephant Stilts and Carpet-Tile Hopscotch (for the most energetic kiddos), and Schoolwork Scrapbooks and Cereal Box Organizers (to keep all ducks in a row). The book is full color with detailed, photograph instructions; there is also a photo glossary of items needed for a well-stocked craft shelf and a section on basic craft skills like a simple running stitch and papier mache.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids Book Review

One of my favorite projects from the book is this travel tissue pouch made from felt. It’s such a clever idea, and super simple to make. I always have a packet of tissues in my purse, and send them to school with all of the kids. You can even personalize the tissue pouches with each child’s initials.

Travel Tissue Pouches: To make these little cuties, simply cut a 6 1/2 by 4 12 inch rectangle of felt with pinking shears; fold in short edges to meet at center. Sew ends with a running stitch. Backstitch an initial on a cut-out heart; apply with fabric glue.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids Book

Another fun project we made is the Pipe Cleaner Pals. Somehow my craft stash has been taken over by pipe cleaners… they must be multiplying on their own. Surely I didn’t buy all these pipe cleaners? ┬áThere are several different pipe cleaner pals demonstrated in the book, each with great step by step pictures and instructions: chameleon, tiger, squirrel, and a monkey. They are all very cute little creatures.

One of the things I really enjoy about this book is how they have the chapters set up. The last chapter “Give Something Handmade” has many wonderful ideas for things that children can make and give as gifts. I have a few of these projects earmarked for Christmas gifts later this year.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

If like me, you have grandchildren who spend a lot of time with your, or are a teacher, a babysitter, mom, or even a stay at home dad… Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids is the book for you! Also, check out new crafts for kids video collection. There are lots of fun projects you can watch with your kids!

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* About A Mom received a complimentary copy of this book to review. All thoughts are our own.

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