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Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

About A Mom - Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

These milk jug ghost lanterns are a simple way to add a little spook, as well as a little light to your Halloween. It’s also a super fun Halloween craft you can to do with the kids!

What You’ll Need
Clean plastic gallon milk jugs
Black permanent marker
Craft knife
String of 50 clear low-wattage clear holiday lights

1. Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jugs. (Tip: Leave the cap on jug to prevent denting)

2. Use the craft knife to cut a half dollar size hole in the back of each jug. 3. Arrange the jugs near each other and string the lights between them, poking a few lights into each jug.

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  • This is great! I love how it looks and using lights instead of candles is awesome! I have gone over to using battery candles for outside things whenever possible, but I don’t feel that it’s terribly cost effective.

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