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Tape Resist Leaf Painting with Kids

Tape Resist Leaf Painting with Kids

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

Fall is upon us and so are all of the wonderful smells and colorful leaves.  Living in the desert southwest, we do experience fall a little later than the rest of the country but it’s still a wonderful time of year.  We very much look forward to the cooler temperatures, spending time outdoors and fall crafts!

My 1st grader came home from school and shared with us how he did a cool art project where they used tape on their painted art.  We decided that we could create our own version of their painted tape art and we chose to make leaves since fall is coming. This tape resist leaf painting is a perfect fall craft for kids.

This project is so simple yet fun!  Just a few inexpensive supplies that you might have on hand, and if not, you can find at the local dollar store.

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

  • construction paper
  • washable paints
  • scissors
  • pencil/sharpie
  • painters tape


Using a pencil, draw a large leaf on a piece of paper.  Then trace over it with a sharpie marker.

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

Step #2

Using painters tape, cut long strips.  Then create the leaf’s veins by firmly pressing down.

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

Step #3

Paint your leaf!  Tip: use a round paint brush and blot your paint on instead of using normal painting strokes.  It gives the leaf more depth and it’s better for blending your paint colors.

Tape Resist Leaf Paintings with Kids

Step #4

After your leaf dries, peel off the tape to reveal your leaf’s veins.

Tape Resist Leaf Painting with kids, remove tape

My kids especially liked the design that the tape would reveal once we peeled it off of their leaves. We discussed how leaves have veins just like us!  I enjoyed the different color patterns that each child chose to create.  It reminded me how unique each fall leaf is and that’s what makes the autumn landscape so beautiful!

Written by About a Mom contributor, Mandy Mae. Mandy is a wife, mother, teacher, and frugal-DIY-enthusiast. Hoping to inspire mothers to take action in making a positive influence in the lives of their children with simple DIY, crafting, thrifting, and teaching projects. You can see more from Mandy Mae on her blog



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