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Teaching kids about Sea Animals- Free Printables

Teaching kids about Sea Animals- Free Printables

Learning is fun. Using this free preschool printable, kids can work on their skills while having fun playing with the sea life animal theme.

Teaching preschooler is so much fun. Everything is new for them and they get excited about whatever they are learning. One of the best ways is work with kids on a new topic is by having fun worksheets to do with them. That is why free preschool printables can be an easy, and inexpensive way, to change up the topics that you are teaching the kids.

Sea Animals are always a hit with kids and with Finding Dory being so popular, kids are even more excited about sea animals. These free printables have lot of fun activities for preschoolers.

Lots of fun sea animals in this free preschool printable pack

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Under the Sea Roll & Graph: In this free preschool printable set, you will find a fun way to teach kids how to graph. With a sea life dice to make, kids roll the dice and chart how many of each animal are rolled. It is fun counting practice and teaches graphing.

Memory: All kids love playing memory. It teaches kids how to keep track of the cards that have been shown.

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Sea horse size sort: Having kids sort things from biggest to smallest, or smallest to biggest is a skill that needs to be practiced. With fun seahorse characters, kids feel like they are playing and having fun, not practicing a skill.

How Many Arms? How many arms does a star fish have? Kids get to count the arms on each picture and then practice writing the number. For kids who are learning to count in a different language, this could be a way to count through the arms and practice their numbers. When they count all the arms, let the kids tell you, the number translation.

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