I can't wait for you to make this recipe!

These little party snacks are just too cute and oh so festive. Kids will have fun making these because they involve sprinkles. You can do the heating while they do the decorating. Make these leprechaun snacks for a classroom party, or package them in little cellphone baggies as a treat kids can take home with them.

Heat the green candy melts in a heat safe glass bowl, per directions on bag.

Step 1

Dip the pointy end of the sugar cones into the melted green candy, and then immediately dip in either green sugar or jimmies sprinkles.

Step 2

Immediately dip, or sprinkle the Lucky Leprechaun Sprinkle Mix onto the green candy.

Step 3

Stuff a jumbo marshmallow into each cone.

Step 4

Heat the orange candy melts. Using a spoon, spread the melted orange candy onto the marshmallow in the shape of a beard, leaving just enough of the marshmallow uncovered to be the face.

Step 5

Immediately sprinkle orange sugar sprinkles, and then orange confetti sprinkles onto the melted candy.

Step 6

Using a sharp pairing knife, make a small hole for the nose. Dip the green Sixlets into the melted green candy, and then immediately place in the nose hole. Hold for a few seconds until it sets, so that the candy doesn’t fall out.

Step 5

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