I can't wait for you to make this craft!

This beach ball craft is a fun, colorful summer craft that is really easy and inexpensive to make with supplies that you likely have on hand.

Grab your supplies!

– Paper plate – Construction paper (various colors) – Glue – White paper – Pencil

Draw a circle in the middle of the plate. Divide the plate into 1/6ths. We did this by lightly folding the plate in 1/2 in three different spots and drawing out lines on the folded creases. Tear construction paper into small pieces. Glue pieces of torn construction paper into the plate so that each 1/6th is a different color. Finish off the beach ball craft by gluing a small white circle to the middle of the paper plate beach ball.

Step 1

Place bubble wrap covered in paint over your paper plate and press down. Pull the bubble wrap off your plate and see your design. Cut 2 leaves from green paper and glue onto your painted craft stick. Glue or tape the paper plate to the craft stick to make a flower craft.

Step 2

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