DIY Garden Bird Bath Project

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My yard is full of pine trees, and I mean a lot of trees. While it’s a bit difficult to get much grass to grow, my garden is still full of life. I have many shrubs and plants that thrive in the shade, and because of all the trees my yard is a popular place for birds, squirrels and all sort of wild creatures. I was inspired by Miracle-Gro’s The Gro Project to come up with a simple garden project. I’ve been wanting to give the birds living in my yard a water source for a while now, but a bird bath just hasn’t been in the budget. My solution was this simple DIY Garden Bird Bath.

DIY Garden Bird Bath Project - Miracle Gro The Gro Project

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own garden bird bath:

2 large terra cotta pots of equal size

1 large terra cotta saucer

epoxy glue adhesive

paint and paint brush (optional)

1. To create the base of the bird bath, glue the open ends of the terra cotta pots together. Allow to set, according to the directions on your adhesive.

2. Glue the bottom of the saucer to the top of your base. Allow to set completely.

3. At this point you are finished with your project. Optionally, you can do as I have and add some decorative paint. I put a simple band of paint around the rim of the saucer. Because my epoxy seeped through a little when I glued my pots together, I added another band of paint to cover that up.

4. Place the bird bath in your yard, add water as needed, and enjoy watching the wild life in your yard thrive.

I’m so glad that Miracle-Gro inspired me to do this project. Gardening is much more than planting and feeding. Although Miracle-Gro has some pretty great products for that like the Shake n’ Feed Moisture Control All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Planting Mix for your indoor planting needs, or the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit for your outdoor gardening. The Gro Project showcases that garden projects should not be complicated or hard to do. Instead, gardening projects should be easy, fun, and enjoyable!

Check out the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page for more fun garden projects!

What garden projects do you have planned this summer?


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  1. That is so cute and simple! I love it. I am going to make one for our yard too.

  2. We should do a bird bath in our backyard. My toddler would get a kick out of that!

  3. That is a great inexpensive way to make a bird bath. I love it! Thanks for sharing it. I love all the great ideas from Miracle Gro.

  4. What a great idea!!! That turned out so cute. I totally want to do this!

  5. Love this idea; so simple and easy and I bet it doesn’t cost a lot either. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh I love that. I need to get a bird bath in my yard Even though we live on a lake I know a bird bath would help.

  7. Very cute and innovative!

  8. I <3 your birdbath! I never would have thought of that… store bought ones are SO EXPENSIVE! That would make a great gift idea, too.

  9. my kids would love to make a little bird bath too- and with this one, it’s not super big so it wouldn’t encourage mosquitos to breed!

  10. I am a little afraid to do any projects this Summer – we found a puppy earlier this year and so far she has destroyed nearly everything in my backyard.

  11. That does look cute and easy!

  12. What a seriously clever idea, I love that! I am going to need to make one. Sounds like the perfect summer project for my son and I! Thanks!

  13. I love it! :)

  14. I love it. What a great idea!

  15. Love this! My kids would have so much fun if I let them decorate the pots before we made these.

  16. That is so simple and so smart. I could totally add this to my little garden courtyard area.

  17. oh my gosh how easy is that! I have been wanting to make a bird bath for awhile now but with some different items… maybe i should try this!!

  18. I love it how adorable.

  19. Very cool! My daughter loves watching the birds so I should really do this. Thanks for the idea!!

  20. What a great project! So simple and easy. I have been wanting a bird bath for sometime but couldn’t bring my self to pay what the local stores want for them. This is simple enough that I can actually finish it. Thanks for the idea!

  21. Okay seriously, I love how simple that is and I am wondering why I’ve never thought of it LOL

  22. This is such a cute idea, I love how you put the pots back to back. Very innovative!

  23. This is awesome!

  24. What a great way to make a birth bath. Thanks for sharing!

  25. That is really cute and looks easy enough to make!

  26. I love how it looks and would be such an easy project to tackle with the kids! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I didn’t know epoxy glue could be so strong! What a great project – easy, inexpensive, and seriously cool :)

  28. What a fun and simple it. This would be great for the kids this summer to keep them busy. Thanks for sharing

  29. This looks like a really fun project. I need to re-paint my white bird bath with a new coat of white for the summer.

  30. I’m pinning this to make with the kids this summer. My daughter just took a birding class at summer camp so this would be something she’d love to do.

  31. And to think I went out and bought one… What was I thinking?

  32. I just got a hand-me-down cement bird bath from my mom, otherwise I would make one.

  33. we made a similar one last year.

  34. What a quick and easy way to make a bird bath! I think I could even do it. :)

  35. What a fun idea. And super easy to boot!

  36. Now that is just too cute. And you customize your color!

  37. This would be a great project for my inlaws to do with the kids while them have them for a week in August. Thanks so much for sharing.

  38. so creative what a fun idea

  39. Love this! I’m going to add this to my summer projects list!

  40. What a smart {&cute} Idea!

  41. What an easy summer project!

  42. You did a great job!

  43. This is a really cute idea!

  44. I wish I had pine trees in my yard. I have relatively new trees due to the age of my home. The birdbath is so cool!

  45. So pretty and easy! I have always wanted a bird bath in the yard.

  46. What a lovely bird bath!

  47. This is SO cute! I love that it is super easy too!!

  48. love this DIY idea, it turned out great!

  49. I love this, so simple and inexpensive!

  50. Robin Wilson says:

    This would be a great, easy and affordable project to do with kids! My little great-niece will be here for a visit soon and we can make this together! Thanks for sharing!

  51. What a fantastic idea! I love how easy this is to make and how cute it looks. this would be a great project for my daughter and I to do together. Thanks!!

  52. This looks so easy to do and I could paint it what colors I want it too. I used to have a bird bath in my yard – so maybe I will make my own this time. thanks for the directions

  53. Michelle F. says:

    Very cute. Looks better than some ready made ones.

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