Toopy and Binoo Animated Series for Preschoolers

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Does your family like to laugh and play? If so, you’ll want to leap into the fantastic world of Toopy’s hilarious imagination! I am excited to introduce you to the Toopy and Binoo animated series for preschoolers. It’s already a hit TV series in Canada, and is now available to U.S. audiences via the Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel. The very funny and entertaining show follows the adventures of Toopy, a tall, funny and friendly mouse, and his best friend Binoo, a tiny, clever and lovable white cat. The show inspires preschoolers ages 2 to 6 to expand their imagination and creativity while reinforcing positive values such as friendship and good manners. I have to add that while geared toward the preschool audience, Toopy and Binoo is also great fun for older kids and parents too.

Toopy and Binoo Animated Series for Preschoolers

We’ve got a couple of snow days this week (Yipee!) making it the perfect time for us to get to know Toopy and Binoo. The Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel features more than 100 full, five-minute episodes, each with laughs and stories the whole family will enjoy. It’s one of those laugh out loud type of shows with just the right amount of imagination and whimsy.

The personalities of Toopy and Binoo are perfectly complimentary of each other. Binoo, always logical and perceptive, is the perfect sidekick for Toopy and his vivid imagination and spontaneous zest for life. The ever so talkative Toopy loves to chat about the duo’s fun adventures, while the more thoughtful Binoo keeps his lips zipped but gets his point across with playful gestures and actions.

Check out the Toopy and Binoo Channel Trailer:

Little ones and their families laugh out loud as the charming and endearing friends explore their colorful, whimsical world. As a parent, I appreciate how Toopy and Binoo is funny in an age-appropriate way, and teaches children daily skills and encourages them to use their imaginations. My family has watched quite a few of the episodes on the Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube Channel and a couple of our favorites are “Peanut-Butterbot” featuring some very unusual and helpful aliens, and “The Big Race” which shows Toopy overcoming obstacles during the race by using his imagination.

Toopy and Binoo Animated Series for Preschoolers

There is an upcoming Toopy and Binoo Twitter Party on February 20,2014 at 1:00PM EST. I’ll have more details on the party available soon! Be sure to connect with Toopy and Binoo socially on Facebook and Twitter.

What are you thoughts on Toopy and Binoo after watching the trailer?

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  1. Cute! Always on the look out for new ways to keep the kids entertained.

  2. What a totally cute show. My youngest daughter would love this show and the characters.

  3. This looks so cute! My kids will love this, especially my daughter.

  4. This show looks like SO much fun! I know my son will love it.

  5. This sounds so cute. My youngest is six, so he’s a bit too old for this now, but I have some nieces that would love it.

  6. My daughter will love this show. The characters look adorable! I am always on the look out for new programs for her.

  7. We recently discovered this show too & my son is CRAZY about it! I love that the shows are so short, it’s the perfect way for me to get small tasks done around the house while my son is distracted {though I don’t mind watching it with him either}.

  8. It looks really cute! I’m definitely recommending this to my husband, since he’s home with the toddler today. (Daycare is closed, schools are closed. People will go stir-crazy.)

  9. This show looks so cute and like it’s so much fun! If I had kids, I would let them watch it!

  10. What an adorable children’s series! I bet my niece would love to watch it, thanks!

  11. Looks like fun! davey I am sure would love to watch this show!

  12. We love using our imaginations, this looks adorable!

  13. I’ve never heard of this, but then again I don’t have cable or kids! :P I love Binoo.

  14. This looks so cute! We’re in the middle of a snowstorm, so maybe this will keep my youngest entertained!

  15. My kids are too old for this but it looks so cute!

  16. Sounds like a fun show. Love that you can watch the series on YouTube! I’ll have to put the Twitter party on my calendar so I don’t forget.

  17. What cute characters! Sounds like a fun twitter party!

  18. The little I watched is really cute! After 3 days of no school I’m desperate to keep the kiddos entertained. Thanks for sharing!

  19. We’re always looking for better things to keep my niece occupied when she’s playing with the iPad instead of Fruit Ninja. I’ll be telling my sister-in-law about this so she can let her watch this and see how she likes it :)

  20. This looks neat for my almost 3 year old. We have a blu ray player I access you tube on, so that’ll be perfect!

  21. Sounds like a creative and learning show. Nice

  22. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

    This is super cute! I bet my 4 year old would love it! I really love how they’ve incorporated so much imagination!

  23. This looks so cute. And I like that they’re so short, so the kids can sneak in an episode or two while I’m making dinner!

  24. That show look very enjoyable and wholesome. I will have to pass this on to my friends with little ones.

  25. Very cute. I like that the characters balance each other out!

  26. The are so cute! This is a great resource to help with my 3 year old!

  27. This series looks awesome! I think my son would love watching it.

  28. This is really cute! I wish my kids were still young enough to enjoy this.

  29. Such a cute cartoon! My kids are all getting too old for these types of shows, but it is still nice to know that there are quality cartoons out there.

  30. This looks like a great series– sharing with my parent friends!

  31. Toopy and Binoo seem like friendly characters that would be welcome in any home. Very cute!

  32. My 4 & 6 year old kids would definitely love this! Anything animated and educational is my cup of tea!

  33. Very cute, my kids would enjoy this! I am all about educational especially as a homeschoool mama!

  34. katherine says:

    This actually looks like a decent kid show!

  35. What a great show. There are so many of them out there that are not that great. This one looks good.

  36. My daughter would love this. Very age appropriate.

  37. looks cute. my younger 2 are 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 and both LOVE youtube– we need to check this out tomorrow!

  38. This looks really cute!

  39. we are big on shows that help inspire and encourage using your imagination in our house!

  40. Cool! This look like it would hold the kids attention and teach them as well

  41. I am definitely going to show Toopy and Binoo to my little one. This could definitely break up the monotony of watching the same shows over and over again (he has about 4 favorites right now and asks for them every day!).

  42. This is so cute! It reminds me of the many shows I watched as a kid that had two friends. I would probably enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  43. Holy cow! Toopy and Binoo (in French, it is spelled “Toupie et Binou” ;) has made it to the U.S, that’s amazing! It’s been a hit here with all of my kids, especially because Toopy’s voice is so cute. It is one of the most imaginative children’s shows I’ve encountered. Thank goodness for that, because I’ve had to watch about eight straight years of it now ;)

  44. Sherrie W. says:

    I never heard of Toopy and Binoo – you are so in tuned with the latest kids shows and I love that they are connecting with people via twitter and facebook! cool!

  45. I have never heard of this but it looks so cute and something like my daughter would love

  46. What a cute program. I have never heard of this, but my kids sure would have liked this when they were younger.

  47. I’m always on the lookout for fun and educational shows for my toddler. She’s not allowed to watch too much tv so when she does get to watch, I want it to be fun and educational at the same time. This one looks like one the boys would enjoy as well too.

  48. This looks cute. I love apps that teach kids to use their imaginations!

  49. That looks really adorable. I bet my nieces would love it.

  50. Cute! My 5 yr old would love this! Thanks!

  51. Cute clip. Its so important to introduce my daughter to things that are age appropriate.

  52. I love that there are so many great things to watch on youtube for children. That was a really cute video!

  53. Looks like a super cute show!

  54. My nephew would love this! He’s 2.5 and uses his mom’s iPad to watch youtube videos – it scares me that he knows how to find them! (he opens the app, clicks history and chooses them based on the picture – crazy!!)

  55. This looks like a nice program for children. I know my girls like using YouTube and this would be a safe choice.

  56. My youngest child is almost 6 and seems to be phasing out of preschool themed shows, however my nephew is 20 months and is starting to fall in love with programs like this!

  57. I haven’t heard of this, I’ll have to head over and check it out, thanks for sharing!

  58. Dorothy Boucher says:

    cute show, who doesn’t love a goofy kind of show , i know my grandchildren watch these types of shows ;) thanks for share

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