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Make Traveling with Baby Easier with the Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love!

Make Traveling with Baby Easier with the Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love!

Disclosure: I received the below mentioned products in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.

If you are a parent who enjoys traveling with baby, then I’m sure you’ve already come across products that make it easier for you to do so. As Zach gets older, I discover more and more products that would’ve made things so much easier for me when he was a baby.

Traveling with baby doesn’t have to be as stressful as some parents think. For me, the hardest thing about traveling with Zach was not bringing convenient products along to make the journey more enjoyable. I had a baby carrier in place of a stroller for walking around with him, but I never thought to bring a bouncer with me for those much needed nap times.


Whether you’re at the park having a picnic, visiting grandma out of town, or going on a family vacation, the Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love makes traveling with baby a lot easier. It’s a baby bouncer that you can take anywhere with you because it conveniently folds away for storage and requires no assembly. It has a stylish design and includes a bonus carry bag when you’re on the go.


The Take Along Bouncer has made it very convenient for my older sister to bring her daughter over every day during the school week. My mom babysits for her, and when my sister comes over, we easily fold open the Take Along Bouncer for my niece to hang out during the lazy afternoons. When it’s time for her to go, she easily folds the Take Along bouncer in half, places it in the carrying case, and stores away in the car and she’s ready to go.


I used a bouncer for Zach when he was a baby, but I couldn’t imagine taking it with me while traveling because it was bulky and didn’t fold away for storage. I’m so glad new products are coming out to make traveling with baby even more convenient, like the Take Along Bouncer. I think parents who travel with baby often should definitely have a Take Along bouncer with them to make traveling run as smooth as possible. Imagine all the places you can go!

The Take Along bouncer retails for $44.99

Where would you go with your baby with this Take Along bouncer?

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