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5 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday Weekend

5 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday Weekend

Ways to Enjoy Your Labor Day

There is something about Labor Day that has a wistful feeling about it.  The weather may still be warm, but we all know that  autumn will be here soon. Kids are either back in school or about to go back to school, and the lazy days of summer are coming to a close.

Ways to Enjoy Your Labor Day

To me, Labor Day is always the holiday equivalent of a Sunday night. Technically, you’re off work, but you know the grind is about to start back up soon. Don’t let that rob you of the enjoyment of your Labor Day Holiday weekend!

Here are 6 ways to enjoy your Labor Day:

1. Don’t Work! Labor Day was originally created as a yearly tribute to the American workers who built this contry and continue to grow it in prosperity.Begun in 1882, the original intent of Labor Day was to give a respite toall of America’s workers. So honor the spirit of the holiday by taking a true day off. Put down the smartphones, close the laptop, stay out of the office. It’s just one day, after all.

2. Get out of the routine: find a parade, go see a movie, find a pool: in short, do something you WOULDN”T normally do on a regular weekend. Take a hike. Explore a museum in your city you’ve always wanted to go to. Have a picnic in the backyard. Be inspired to get out of the routine and discover something new about where you live.

3. Be spontaneous! Planning is, well, work, and aren’t we supposed to NOT be working on Labor Day?Let the day unfold in a natural, spontaneous way. Feel like stopping for ice cream instead of eating lunch? Go for it. Want to see where a path leads? Check it out.  It’s in these unplanned spaces that beautiful moments happen.

4. If you have children in school, Labor Day is a great time to make a School Year Bucket List. You may have made a Summer Bucket List, but why limit it to summer? Make a list of all the fun fall things you’d like to do as a family in the upcoming autumn months, like picking apples, visiting a haunted house, or going on a hayride.

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5. Relax. Don’t force it. If you try to cram everything in one holiday weekend, you’re going to go back to the grind on Tuesday feeling more exhausted than you were before. If what you feel like doing is losing yourself in a juicy novel for hours – go for it!

So what am I planning on doing on Labor Day? Honestly, I have no idea. No plans. No work. No Stress. My only plan is to hang with my family and let the day unfold. I’m looking forward to that mental respite before the craziness of school and work begins again

What are you doing on Labor Day?

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