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Family Dog Rescue | Making Happy Families

Family Dog Rescue | Making Happy Families

Northern California Family Dog Rescue - Making Happy Families

The folks at Northern California Family Dog Rescue are in the business of making happy families. Specializing in saving and finding homes for family friendly dogs since 2010, Family Dog Rescue saves dogs from over-crowded municipal shelters and certain euthanasia. I had the great pleasure of volunteering at their San Francisco location last week, along with my friends from Rachael Ray Nutrish and fellow Nutrish advocates.

Northern California Family Dog Rescue - Making Happy Families

Travel and accommodations were provided by Nutrish.

So many different things about Family Dog Rescue impressed me, from the spacious and beautiful facility to the dedicated staff and volunteers. What impressed me the most is that they specialize in finding homes for dogs with various disabilities – dogs that are often deemed unadoptable because they are born deaf or blind, or have a missing leg.

Speckles, one of the sweetest dogs I met during my visit, is deaf and you would never know it. Speckles will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family.

Northern California Family Dog Rescue - Dog Available for Adoption

Speckles is such a sweet and well behaved dog. She is available for adoption.

During our shelter visit, we took some of the dogs out for a walk. I was asked to walk a very handsome dog named Hippo. It turned out that Hippo took me for a walk, but we both got very good exercise that morning.

Walking Hippo at Family Dog Rescue

Hippo is also available for adoption, and would thrive in an active family.

Lady, pictured below, is an absolute sweetheart and she’s beautiful! Lady is a little timid around other dogs which is something that her future adoptive family will need to keep in mind.

Sweet Lady at Family Dog Rescue

I hope Lady finds a family, and gets a forever home very soon. She is absolutely precious.

Of course, there were lots of adorable puppies at Family Dog Rescue. I have a feeling these little cuties will find homes very soon. Don’t you?

Puppies at Northern California Family Dog Rescue

It was so hard to get pictures of the puppies. Like most puppies, they were very active and wouldn’t stay still for two seconds.

Our tour of the facilities brought us to the intake area, where there were many dogs new to the rescue. I got a little choked up seeing all the precious dogs, feeling scared and confused. If only they knew they were now with people who would take good care of them and help them find a happy family.

Family Dog Rescue

Family Dog Rescue

Rescue Dogs at Family Dog Rescue

Having two rescue dogs of my own, I know what great pets they make. When you are ready to add a pet to your family, I encourage you to check with your local animal rescue groups instead of buying from a puppy mill or backyard breader.

Northern California Family Dog Rescue does amazing work. If you are in the San Francisco area, they are always in the need of volunteers, foster homes, donations of supplies, cash donations, and of course adoptive families. Please visit them at to donate.

One of the reasons we love Rachael Ray Nutrish is because of Rachael Ray’s commitment to give back and help animals in need. You can read more on the Nutrish website.

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