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Free Beach I Spy Printable Activity Pack

Free Beach I Spy Printable Activity Pack

Beach I Spy Printable Activity Pack - Free

This is a free printable set of Beach I Spy Cards. The kids will love this! A fun way to keep kids engaged with school over the summer at the beach and make it fun. There are 5 pages in this Beach I Spy Activity Pack.

beach day I spy

Free Beach Day Fun I- Spy Printable Set

Every summer when the weather starts to heat up, I can’t wait for my family to go on a beach day. We go as often as we can. It is so much fun playing in the sand and exploring the ocean together!

This free printable Beach Day Fun I-Spy set includes 5 designs that are perfect for those days when we can not make it to the beach or we are working on preventing summer slide and no one wants to think about school.

beach I spy

What is Summer Slide

Summer slide is the phenomenon of students losing knowledge over summer vacation. Summer slide can be prevented by having children continue to learn and play over summer break or any extended break from school.

sand castles I spy

How to Use I Spy Worksheets to Prevent Summer Slide

I Spy sets can be a fun way to keep children engaged over summer break or any extended break from school. Fun ways to use these worksheets include:

-As an additional learning activity to supplement workbooks and other summer activities (such as worksheets sent home at the end of the school year, reading, playing outside).

-To get children excited about getting back to school in the fall!

shells I spy

I like to have the kids work on these worksheets before we can head off to the beach, on rainy days, or before they get electronic time. It is. great way to get kids to do school work without feeling like they are doing school work because it is fun.

For younger kids, just searching and counting is enough but older kids can also have to add the amounts of each image together in order to know how many pictures there are in total.

beach ball I spy

How to Print These Free Worksheets

As you are ready to use these Beach Day I Spy Printables, you want to either click here, Beach I-Spy to download the entire pdf file or you can click each image and save it. Then you will print is using your printer at home or you can have it printed at a print store or even at your local library. If you are printing the  from the pdf file, all 5 pages will print at once. Then the kids can start using the printables. Another option is to print the pages and place them in page protectors. This lets the kids do them over and over again using a dry erase marker. 

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