Free Summer I Spy Printable Activity Pack

5 summer fun I spy games

As summer break comes to an end, take a break from the sun and spend some time with your kids and these fun Summer I Spy printables. These are great for all ages and will provide an awesome way to entertain kids on any given day! If you are heading to the beach, be sure to check out this free beach i spy printable activity pack.

5 summer I spy games printable activity pack

Free Summer I Spy Printable Set

This set includes 5 summer i spy sheets, include different themed sheets like butterflies, insects, suns, trees, and flowers. Each sheet is based on different themes that encourage kids to find the different styles of each picture! These worksheets are perfect for children to use while traveling in the car or at home as part of a busy activity or to keep school skills fresh to prevent summer slide.

flowers I-spy printable

Summer I-Spy Worksheet for Kids to Prevent Summer Slide

These summer i spy worksheets for kids are a great way to prevent summer slide. The kids need to look at the different pictures that are featured on the worksheet. Then they need to count how many there are of each picture. This helps kids to work on their counting and observation skills. For older kids, have them add all of numbers together at the end of the worksheet.insect I-spy printable

How to Use Bugs I Spy Printable for Kids in Homeschooling

When learning about bugs, whether it is what bugs do for the enviroment, the different types of bugs or just as part of a math lesson, these lessons are easy to incorporate. Have kids name the types of bugs, learn what each type of bug does for the ecology around it, or just how many there are of each bug.trees I-spy printable

How to Use Summer Themed Printables to Keep Math Skills Fresh Over the Summer

If your child is not strong in math, or you want to keep their skills fresh over the summer months, these summer i spy printables are a good resource. They help them work on some basic comprehension and math skills without feeling too much pressure because they are fun. Most kids won’t g=fight doing a bit of school work when it is fun.

For kids who still resist, try making it a game. Who can finish the worksheet first with all of the correct answers.

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butterfly I spy printable

How to Use These Free I Spy Printables

To use these free I Spy Printables, simply click here, Summer I Spy Printables, for the pdf files or click the images in the post and save. Once it is saved, you simply print them out as needed. The pdf file will print all 5 sheets at once unless you tell your printer to only print a specific page.

You can print as many of the pages as you like. This is great if you are printing them out for a school class or for a daycare, or simply print on or two if you are using them at home.

Another option is to laminate the papers or place them in page protectors. Then the kids practice the pages over and over again using a dry erase marker. 

sun I-spy printable

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