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Kids “To Do” List Printable

Kids “To Do” List Printable

Encourage good chore habits with this kids to do list printable.

Encourage good chore habits with this kids to do list printable.

It seems that my children have lost their bearings about them when they come home from school.  Has anybody else been experiencing this?  I mean…coming home from school and getting started on homework is a HUGE feat on a daily basis already.  There’s something weird happening though this time of the year…not only are they struggling to do the obvious things like get out of the van and walk into the house but now the simplest things like unpack their backpacks, put their shoes away and get a snack are impossible lately.

I gotta tell ya…this mama had to do something.  I decided to institute a little something I do over summer break.  It’s the good ol’ check list and stickers trick!  I created a to do list printable for each child and when he/she comes home from school they must check items off their list with a sticker as they are completed.  {I don’t need to offer any sort of incentive for my children as they are motivated enough by placing a sticker on their chart, but if your kiddos need a little push then you can come up with a simple incentive like screen time earned or a dessert.}

You’re gonna LOVE what is on their lists!  Keep in mind that I don’t use all of these items at once.  Each kiddo’s list looks differently too.  My daughter needs extra practice with things that my boys don’t and vice versa.  What’s great is that once they’ve turned these list items into good habits then we can print a new list and choose new items that need working on.  Here’s a peek into my kids’ daily after school goal lists.

  • Take off shoes and put them away
  • Put away lunch box and backpack
  • Wash hands
  • Get a healthy snack
  • Clean up snack
  • Have a positive attitude (you like how I snuck that in there)
  • Feed/care for the family pet
  • Homework
  • Set dinner table
  • Clear dinner table
  • Read

*Note:  These are items on our daily goal charts for the school year.  Their summer lists have different items.  You can cater your list to what your family’s/child’s needs are*

My hope is that you’ve found some inspiration or motivation to squash the “after school blues” with this handy to do list printable.  I’ve created a Kids To Do List printable {free} in color (girl/boy) or black and white!  Enjoy!

Written by About a Mom contributor, Mandy Mae. Mandy is a wife, mother, teacher, and frugal-DIY-enthusiast. Hoping to inspire mothers to take action in making a positive influence in the lives of their children with simple DIY, crafting, thrifting, and teaching projects. You can see more from Mandy Mae on her blog

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