DIY Book Page Wreath

This timeless piece of decor will take you well past the holiday season. By re purposing the pages of old books, you can create an inexpensive and interesting wreath for your wall or door. I love craft projects like this that make something new out of something old.

Book page wreath

Book Page Wreath

Foam wreath
Glue gun
Glue sticks

Begin by pulling out pages from your book. Roll a page into a tube, then crinkle the bottom of the tube and glue it to the underside of the wreath form.

Repeat this step to form a circle of book pages around the base of your wreath, then flip the wreath over, flattening the pages you just glued to the wreath. It may be necessary to place something heavy on top of the foam wreath to help the glued portion of the pages flatten out. This will ensure your wreath rests evenly against the door when you hang it.

Continue to roll pages into tubes, but fold the bottom of the tubes into tabs that you can glue to the wreath form. Complete a layer around the whole wreath. Repeat this until you have covered as much of the foam form as possible.

Glue more rolled pages to the inside of the wreath, filling in gaps. At this stage, you can directly glue pages to other pages to fill in the wreath. This will help give it volume.

Glue a piece of twine or ribbon to the back of your finished wreath for hanging.

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