How To Say I Love You in 10 Different Languages

It is said that there are close to 7,000 spoken languages in the world today. That’s a lot of different ways to say ‘I love you’! I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few and try to learn them before Valentine’s Day.

English – I love you

Czech – miluji te

Spanish – Te quiero

Tiawanese – Gwa ai lee

Mandarain – Wo ai ni

Japanese – Kimi o ai shiteru

Italian – Ti amo

Hungarian – Szeretlek te’ged

German – Ich liebe dich

French – Je t’aime

Do you know how to say ‘I love you’ in any other languages?


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  1. Let me add Arabic- ANA BEHEBIK

  2. Jan at J4C Home says:

    How fun… I think I’ll post these around my classroom in February. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great. I’m going to share this with my son who always wants to know how to say things in different languages.

  4. About A Mom says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Dree Getz says:

    I love Ti amo. It sounds so nice. Thank for sharing.

  6. How neat. Now I can impress the kids this Valentine’s Day!

  7. Heather Rainey says:

    Very. Neat I love this!

  8. Devan Duenes says:

    Love this. Thank you. :D I’ve been looking for cute stuff to put on cards to my boyfriend for Valentine’s.

  9. I remember when Helzberg Diamonds used to give away buttons that said “I am loved” in about 13 different languages.

    Last I knew they did seasonal buttons in English, but they’re still nice for pinning on things as surprises. I always hide one in my fiance’s luggage when he travels.

  10. Robin Quick says:

    This was very interesting. I was laughing at myself trying to say the words in the different languages. Im sure I wasnt even close on the pronunciations. lol

  11. Fun post! This reminds me of my son’s preschool class as they say good morning in a different language each time they meet.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post! how to say I love you in different languages! I tried one on my husband and he liked it!


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