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25 Fun Things to Do Over Summer Break

25 Fun Things to Do Over Summer Break

25 free or cheap things to do with the kids this summer. Are you looking for summer break boredom busters? Here are 25 fun things to do over summer break that won't break the bank.

Summer break is here at last. It won’t be long before you start hearing those dreaded words “Mom, I’m bored.” Fortunately, there are a lot of fun things do over summer break that won’t break the bank.

Here are our top 25 fun things to do over summer break.

1. Play in the sprinklers.
2. Go to the beach or a local park. Print this fun scavenger hunt checklist and take it along.
3. Make your own kite or oven baked beads.
4. Make a Summer scrap book or memory book. Here’s a fun summer travel journal you can make.
5. Put on a play for the other neighborhood kids.
6. Spread smiles by visiting a nursing home.
7. Take the dog for a walk.
8. Make homemade ice pops.
9. Go camping in your backyard.
10. Lay outside on a blanket and stargaze. Here’s a fun moon phases activity.
11. Pull out some board games you haven’t played in a while.
12. Go for a hike or a walk in the woods and take nature pictures. Check out these nature photography tips.
13. Attend free concerts, festivals, and movies in your home town.
14. Pack a picnic lunch. These Italian inspired ciabatta sandwiches are perfect.
15. Have fun with homemade bubbles, wands and blowers.
16. Set up a lemonade stand.
17. Make these 10 fun paper plate crafts.
18. Participate in a Summer reading program at the library.
19. Start a family movie club.
20. Give your time to service projects such as community clean up projects.
21. Go on a treasure hunt. You’ll need hidden treasures and a treasure map. Better yet, go geocaching!
22. Catch bugs then make this fun paper plate lady bug craft.
23. Learn some funny new jokes.
24. Visit the local farmer’s market. Print this free fruit and vegetable scavenger hunt to take along.
25. Learn some magic tricks and put on a magic show.

You might also enjoy making your own backyard miniature golf course or this DIY bowling game.

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What are your favorite things to do over Summer break?

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  • It’s difficult to keep a child occupied over the summer break. I always have a hard time because I have a son who is an only child and he is forever bored!! I find something for him to do, he does it maybe for 5 minutes tops and he’s done!! Then on to something else. It’s always nice to get ideas from other people..

  • Love all of the ideas! A variety of suggestions. I especially like the clean up one. A good one to remind the kids about helping others in your community.

  • All great ideas! It gets hard to find new free things to do in the summer, gets expensive going to water parks every day! Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s winter here now, but it can’t stay cold forever! These are great ideas- I especially like “catch bugs” 🙂

  • My grand kids are staying with me for a month this summer and I have been searching for ideas on what to do that will entertain them and not blow my budget. I really appreciate your list.

  • I’m going to print this list for my grand kids when they come to visit. I’m sure they’ll like a few ideas.

  • I am really not very good at this. Letting my hair down with my family and having fun! It seems the easier of things but I have learned to hide behind work and now I have forgotten how to have fun. I only have 3 weeks leave from work and I am yet to do anything breathtaking or awe-inspiring with my 11 year old son yet. He is growing up so fast and I am worried that I am wasting my opportunities to have fun with him. I am a single parent and work all the time so my 3 weeks break is gold dust for the both of us. Help!

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